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At P&K Sand and Gravel, our concrete division strives to bring you the finest finished product available. P&K uses front discharge mixers that can easily reach places where other mixers cannot. We work with local concrete contractors to bring you the best overall experience offering competitive prices and tremendous customer service.


Concrete has been used for centuries due to its natural, versatile and long lasting properties. It can be molded into almost any shape, designed into patterns, and textured to mimic brick, flagstone, cobblestone or slate.

Colored or tinted concrete adds finesse and elegance to any design. Counter tops, floors, patios, walkways…..all are perfect examples of colored or stamped concrete. The possibilities are endless!

Concrete is made with local, natural materials such as sand, aggregate and Portland cement, never crude oil. It does not soften in the heat like asphalt and there is less breakdown or deterioration from vehicle use. Special care and maintenance should be used here in New England with our cold climate. Proper preparation and appropriate sealing is the key to a long lasting concrete project.

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